Spend Less While Staying On-Trend

Posted by Di Aldrich on 10/29/2017 to Tips

I wanted to share some information that will allow you to remain on-trend, while spending less.  It's actually pretty basic information, but we all tend to forget.

Being Our Customer has it's Perks!

Posted by Di Aldrich on 10/19/2017 to Customer Information
From Monday, 10/23 thru Sunday, 10/29, we're LETTING OUR PONCHOS GO!  All Ponchos are $10 with your order over $300.  (You may combine other items to reach the $300 minimum.  There's 54 different ponchos to choose from!  Get them before they're gone!  Use Code: Poncho10 at checkout.

It's Not About the Size You Wear, It's About how You Wear Your Size

Posted by Di Aldrich on 10/17/2017 to Plus Size

Dressing for any body shape is all about emphasizing your assets and knowing what works for you.  Forget the "rules".  Go with what looks best on you.  Just because something is trendy doesn't mean it will be flattering on you.  (That's the difference between fashion and style). 

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