I know it's hard to believe, but every now and them we actually involve ourselves in a bit of research prior to adding new items to our line.  Boy were we surprised!  Socks in the United States account for $2.3 billion dollars in revenue and are expected to increase to $11.6 billion in the next 5 years.  When we read this, we made it our mission to buy socks.  And we did!  We've got socks and you should too! 

We've got fabulous pricing on our socks.  Anyone, in any market should be able to mark our socks up by at least 4 times.  Many of our early customers are marking them up by 6... and they're selling them!

Women are the largest purchasers of men's socks.  Yes, women purchase more men's socks than men.  We decided that was a strong indication that we needed to add Men's socks to our mix.  As a Retailer, that means you can Earn More from Your Store by offering a product otherwise unavailable at your location.  Socks sell all the time, but Holidays like Father's Day and Christmas are big sales seasons for socks.  We've also got a fabulous selection of Women's Crew, Knee and Sports socks with more arriving every week.  You're going to love our socks! 

Socks are quickly becoming a fashion statement.  There's nothing more appealing than wearing a nice pair of socks that complement and enhance your look.  Take a look at our socks.  Give them a shot and increase your sales.  Let us know how you do!

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