I wanted to share some information that will allow you to remain on-trend, while spending less.  It's actually pretty basic information, but we all tend to forget.

Keep Your Classics

Classics are called classics because they always come back into style.  So, think before you start tossing blazers and button-down shirts.  Many classics can be revitalized and brought back to life simply by adding accessories.  If it fits and it's a classic, keep it.

Figure Out Your Basics

Examine your closet and pay attention to the items you consistently wear.  These are the pieces that are probably the most comfortable, the most flattering, and can be easily paired with other items.  When you purchase new items, try to choose items that will compliment your existing basics.

Get Your "Must-Haves"

Make sure you have purchased basic "must-haves".  These should be solid colored items that can be mixed and matched with other colors or prints to create a totally different and unique look with the same basic items.  Your basics should include; button down shirts, a couple of great pairs of jeans (make sure at least 1 pair is black), a shirt dress, a couple of casual blazers, solid leggings and a non-descript skirt that will pair with anything.  With these items as your foundation, you can easily add trendy pieces and accessories to your existing wardrobe.

Find a Tailor

Find yourself a good tailor!  We've all got a closet full of perfectly good pieces that we've loved at one time or another.  They're probably hanging there because we've gained weight or lost weight.  A good tailor can re-work items to fit and you get a new look with a very small investment! 

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