Dressing for any body shape is all about emphasizing your assets and knowing what works for you.  Forget the "rules".  Go with what looks best on you.  Just because something is trendy doesn't mean it will be flattering on you.  (That's the difference between fashion and style). 

Dress for Your Body Shape - First and foremost, know your shape.  If you're rectangular, create shape with clothes and accessories.  If you have an hourglass shape, accentuate your curves.  If you're a pear shape, choose separates that will balance your silhouette.

Show Off Your Assets - Emphasize your greatest assets; whether it's showing off your amazing curves or baring your awesome shoulders.

Use Color - Color draws attention to certain areas.  Accent your assets with color.  If you want to show off your waist, add a contrasting belt, your neckline, add a colorful necklace. 

Invest in Accessories - Stay on-trend by accessorizing with shoes, purses and jewelry.  Accessories are versatile and buying them is easy (unlike clothing).  Change up your basic outfits by adding trendy accessories.

Make Sure the Fit is Right - Commonly, Plus Size women are afraid to wear fitted items, when in reality, some close-fitting items will accentuate your figure.  Avoid overly baggy clothes as they do nothing to give you a silhouette.  If you love it and it's too big, have it altered.  Tailoring is cheap and will make all the difference in your look.

Size is a Number - Clothing sizes, even from the same manufacturer, can vary due to stretch ability of the fabric, manufacturing idiosyncrasies and the general cut of a garment.  Arm yourself with a range of sizes when you go into a dressing room.  Buy what fits without regard to what is on the tag.

Get Measured - Know your measurements.  Look at the size charts especially if you are ordering on line.  Your shopping experience will be so much more rewarding if you purchase by measurements rather than what you think is your size.  The industry standard sizing in NOT standard across all lines.

Use Shoes to Accentuate Your Outfit - Shoes with platforms, wedges, bright colors and sparkle will add a touch of pizzazz and trendiness to any outfit.

Purchase Smaller Patterns - Although prints are in, stick with smaller prints.  They'll be more flattering.  If you like larger prints, buy apparel with large areas of solid colors combined with larger prints.  Larger prints on the neckline and hem tend to produce a more flattering look on Plus Size women.

Pay Attention to Your Hair and Make-Up - Clothing only goes so far.  A fabulous cut and attractive make-up will add the finishing touch to your ensemble.

Choose Quality Fabrics - Cheap fabrics do one of two things-stretch or cling.  Purchase clothing of good quality, that has structure and with a fabric content that gives (most tags will show a % of Spandex).

Buy What Fits You Now -  Buy it Now.  Wear it Now.  Don't buy clothes in a smaller size because you are hoping to fit into it soon.  Live in the present, treat yourself well and buy what fits at the time of purchase.

These tips are not ONLY for Plus Size women.  Most of them are good items to pay attention to for all sizes.

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